What you need to know about plastic windows and how to care of them


Plastic (or metal-plastic) windows have become extremely popular among the Ukrainians. First of all, the proportion of price and quality contributes to it, and also wide possibilities for their application – strength of the structure, thermal conductivity and resistance to external factors allow using them at any kind of construction, as they are sure at the TM “Nobilex” window construction plant.

As the specialists say, the windows are manufactured of plastic based on polyvinylchloride and metal inserts, and namely for that reason they are called metal-plastic windows. There are hollows inside a window – air chambers which render thermal insulation for the structure.

Taking into consideration climatic conditions, type of premises, or other factors, a customer has to choose the number of air chambers from 4 to 6. Among modern novelties there are single models of windows which are made with the double insulated glazing unit (3 glasses are installed) for still better thermal insulation.

washing windows

“The service life of such structures is about 30 years, and with the proper care these windows can be used even longer”, says the chief sales manager Kuchkovska Oksana.

The care of plastic windows


So the specialists recommend keeping to a number of requirements in everyday use of metal-plastic windows.

To wash is not to beat

The functionality of windows may be disrupted in case of damage of outside surface of the shapes. Therefore it is worth while taking care lest there are any scratches on them, and not to allow blows. When washing windows, use a soap solution, or detergents which do not contain solvents, abrasive substances and acetone.

The “struggle” against the condensate

Taking into consideration the thermal insulation properties of a window, the condensate may appear on its surface, or as they say, the “sweating”. To solve this problem, the specialists recommend aeration of the room several times a day.

Besides that, there are special water-discharging channels in the shape, and when servicing the window, it is worth while paying special attention to them and to clean them from dirt from time to time.

Maintenance of plastic windows components

No doubt, maintenance of components, in particular furniture and sealants, is an important element of window care. One should remember that even the high-quality furniture with the time may become unserviceable, and it would be a good practice to perform traditional lubrication of movable parts with the oil.

It is also important to care of the sealant, since in case it loses its functionality, the window will let cold, heat and water though. To preserve its properties, it should be wiped with special silicone oil.

Besides that, you can always apply to specialists of the “Nobilex” TM for help or consultation.


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