Typical problems with plastic windows and secrets of their solving

вікна та двері Нобілекс

Thanks to positive features and affordable prize metal -plastic windows have occupied houses of Ukrainians. But during operational process some problems may occur, that can be bound up with careless usage and lack of regular window care, defective installation or rejected product by manufacturer – says sales manager Hanich Svitlana

Let us have a look on this problems and ways of solving them

Window fogging, appearing of mildew

Wrong choice of heat conduction class, high humidity or low temperature inside the building – causes of negative factors can be many.

You should take into consideration all factors when choosing a window – maybe you should choose something warmer that will meet your demands, needs and regional climate particularities. Our Nobilex office managers and specialists who take measurements will help you to make right choice.

We shouldn`t also forget about system of ventilation inside the building. Simple aeration will not only reduce possibility and risk of appearance of fungus but also good dangerous diseases prevention remedy.


Also condensed water on windows can appear because of wide window sills that do not allow warm air to blow over the window, bad thermo in solution, indoor plants, fresh renovation – new building materials also produce humidity.

Besides, in the window frame there are special drainage channels so from time to time they need to be cleaned up.


Handle problems

In time handle may lose its functionality: window won`t open, no possibility to close it solidly or to hear indicative creaks. First and foremost you have to understand that for opening/closing the window u don`t need to use excessive force – one should find a problem and try to use it as soon as possible.

Among possible breakdown causes – poor installation of window hardware, wrong adjustment or absence of oil lubricant.

One should remember that windows require care and systematic lubrication of proper elements, thank to this you can evade series of problems. In all other situations you should rely on professionals in order to resolve your issue.

Leaf of window is touching frame and problems with closing window occur

This may happen because of poor regulation of hardware, deformation of leaf or breach during installation of frame of window unit.

If first two problems are easy to solve then two others are extremely hard and expensive to repair.

That is why we advise you to rely manufacturing and installation of windows on companies with appropriate experience. Besides all of above, certainly make an agreement with service provider and check warranty service.

For example, leader in production of plastic windows in Transcarpathia region Nobilex provides warranty on all products for 10 years and convenient system of branch offices allows to quickly react and face possible challenges.

Plastic frames are yellow

Experts explain that pvc materials tend to become yellow but depending on their quality it may happen in 30-40 years , or in 3-4 years. There is simple conclusion do not buy the cheapest product and you will avoid many problems automatically.

Even if it has happened and your windows lost their attraction do not take hear. Frame can be covered by contact film or can be painted with special paint for plastic, which are presented on market in big quantity.


Air blows from window

In most cases, this problem is connected with disturbance of state of rubber sealer. It is not hard to replace it and in some occasions, special regulation of hardware may resolve this issue.
However this effect may be caused as the result of bad window installation. I that case salvation of problem will require help of specialist and big amount of work.
Additional information you can find on official website of TM Nobilex or you can approach our network of offices in Transcarpathia and other regions of Ukraine