Translucent facades ALT F50 FR: lightness, durability and maximum safety


New opportunities in the design and construction of modern buildings opened translucent facades ALT F50. The system allows to turn into reality the boldest ideas and rapidly gaining popularity in Ukraine.

The expersts of the window structures manufacturer ТМ Nobilex say that one of the advantages of ALT F50 is lightness of profiles, because they are made of aluminum. This allows you to refuse the additional reinforcement work and reduce the load on the bearing walls of buildings. In addition to lightness profiles are characterized by remarkable strength – designs can withstand high loads.


In addition, the important advantage of the facade structure system ALT F50 FR is increased fire safety. These structures are advised to use on the facades of the surrounding buildings, exploited roof and stair parts through which the escape routes are passed.

Fire-resistant facade system ALT F50 FR is able to withstand heat while maintaining the integrity and limiting heat transfer.

The Internal fireproof facades used as partitions in the multi-level glazing of atriums and stair parts, as well as translucent structures between office and industrial parts of the building.

We were able to achieve high fire-resistance due to the unique design features of ALT F50 FR:

1. The additional reinforcement of profiles of supports and beams is achieved through the development of new structures with the installation of fire protective inserts;

2. The possibility of dropping out of filling is excluded by using washers of stainless steel, which additionally fix clamping plates;

3. The integrity of structures during fire is achieved through the strengthened support-beam connection;

4. The long-term restraining of heat effect of fire is achieved using special components (termo-sealing tape, supporting spacers of stainless steel and wooden spacers impregnated with fire-protective agent).


At present, the construction of glass buildings is the most fashionable trend of modern architecture of the city. The translucent facades create a sense of ease of construction, permit maximum light in premises and provide great views from the window. The mandatory components of their safe and successful use are the aluminum profile systems, which the leader in manufacturing of window structures in Transcarpathia TM Nobilex also uses.

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