Simple and reliable solutions for efficient installation of changing rooms, showers, and sanitary facilities


When organizing a space of premises, the owner is always trying to save money, but still he wants to be sure of the reliability and practicality of his choice.

One of the most successful options of combination of such requirements is the system of light partitions ALT 118, which the leader in manufacturing of window structures in Transcarpathia TM Nobilex also uses.

This system is increasingly being used in the arrangement of showers, changing rooms, and sanitary facilities for making light separate structures.

The design of the partition is a frame of high strength aluminum profile, on which the filling in thickness of 16 mm can be installed. As the time shows, the most common material for filling is a moist-resistant chipboard.

ALT 118 system enables the manufacture of modular cubicles with or without a door, and the door will be of the same material that is used to fill a structure.


The partitions look light and attractive even from the outside. This impression is due to the small visible width of a profile – only 9.5 mm.

It also allows you to hide possible chipping on the filling material. ALT 118 system features allow to perform flush mount of fixture and aesthetic turn of a structure.

The system of light partitions offers two options of door accessories – plastic and steel. I should be noted that plastic furniture is offered complete with profiles.

The main advantages of the system ALT 118 include reliability, efficiency, and ease of installation. Despite the exterior lightness, partitions in no way are second to partitions in thickness of 22-25 mm.

This reliability and stability is achieved by attaching supports of a structure to floor and due to the reinforced upper profile. Another important advantage is economical efficiency – today 1 m² of a system costs less than the average market prices of such structures.

And a few words about installation, the system makes it easy to compensate for possible inclination of walls and floors during mounting. These features make the installation easy and convenient and allow to significantly save the space of the premice.

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