Plastic windows and doors for cottage and non-standard constructions

вікна та двері Нобілекс

Nowadays many residents of big and medium-sized cities move to comfortable countryside cottages. That is justified reason -peace, quietness and fresh air. On top of everything else cottage is an exceptional way to express your individuality and to set up everything according to your taste and discretion.

Years of experience in glazing of TM “Nobilex” shows that modern owners of cottages and countryside houses give their preference to high quality metal-plastic window and door constructions.

Metal-plastic windows and doors have variety of advantages:

  • Choice of various window design gives opportunity to reconstruction of any architectural style, from vintage to modern,
  • Easy to take care of - you don`t need to paint, windows do not dry up with tie, easy to clean out of dirt
  • Variety of design shapes of end product, we manufacture windows of any shapewith customers preference: arced, round, trapezoidal and others
  • Glazing of big spaces without walls and partition walls, for example glazing of piazzas or pools.
  • Installation theft prevention tilt and turn hardware, that guarantees your security
  • Best showings of energy saving is provided by usage of frames bluEvolution, Brugmann and Specrtum with energy saving glass unit allow to achieve high shavings of heat passage of construction
  • Default of drafts thanks to geometrical fitting of plug
  • Easy to open and close, even for big size constructions
  • Variety of color choices, window frames and glass units.

Metal-plastic doors is an ideal choice of front doors for cottage, they may have standard and nonstandard configuration from TM “Nobilex” with decorative glass unit or stained glass window.