On the way to the new efficiency


Modern tendencies of the globalized world evidence that only the one who uses his own resources most efficiently gets competitive advantages in log-term prospects.

The time of detensive and extensive development has gone past. At the threshold of a new informational society, there are new tasks which are possible to fulfill only in an intensive way, based on modern achievements of science and technology.
Increase of the efficiency of using the energy resources (which as a rule are limited) belongs to one of the most fundamental.

The sphere of energy is very important to the mankind in the whole; it is the background for the change of the stages of its (mankind) development. Therefore the significance of the questions of energy saving and energy efficiency is necessary for the society and it requires constant attention, both on the part of government authorities, and of single persons.

Under modern conditions, our task has become to catch up with the energy efficiency of the national economy, to which there has not been paid enough attention for decades. This is a difficult but a necessary task, on whose fulfillment the further economic efficiency of the country will depend in the whole.

The resources for technical and energy re-equipment of production, households and private sector are to be directed for that. That requires not only considerable financial resources, but also advanced technology, using the advanced technical means and achievements of science and technology.

Not only the government authorities, but also the specialized enterprises should be engaged in solving these tasks. One of the enterprises which is in step with the time is our Nobilex TM window construction plant.


Using the products of such production will provide:


1. for the society:
– reduce of consumption of non-renewable natural energy resources;
– improvement of ecologic situation;
– increase of income to the budgets of different levels;
– improvement of the exterior of housing development and residential areas;

2. for the government authorities:
– improvement of the energy balance of the country;
– reduce of energy resources import;
– renewal of the quality of residential stock;

3. for individual construction:
– economy on payment for public utilities;
– using the ecologically-clean materials, maintenance of ecological safety;
– increase of the living standard.

The positive aspect is that the state is introducing the financial mechanisms of promotion of investment in energy saving measures and energy saving technologies by means of compensation of the part of corresponding expenses (presently it is 35%).

The Nobilex TM window construction plant is the constant participant and partner of such government programs, which allows the consumers getting high-quality energy saving products at an affordable final cost which is significantly lower than the market cost.
So the new quality changes in energy saving are awaiting Ukraine at the threshold of the new efficiency. The leader of such changes at the regional level is the Nobilex TM window construction plant.

Andriy Piven,
PhD of Legal science,
PhD of History science,
Director General of the “Steklolux-Uzhgorod”,
Nobilex TM