How you can create a cozy area for recreation at the balcony: simple and effective solutions

ALT 100_3

Square meters of the balcony or loggia are usually hardly used by the residents of the apartment. Rain, snow, dust, and, often, trash and cigarette butts of neighbors make stay in this part of the apartment not always pleasant. So how you can use these square meters in more efficient way?

The best solution is to glaze balcony.

The series of aluminum profiles for frames of balkony glazing ALT 100 is one of the most popular balkony systems in Ukraine, which the leader in manufacturing of window structures in Transcarpathia TM Nobilex also uses.

The reliable design can not only protect the loggias or balconies from dust, noise, rain and wind, but also creates warmth and comfort, improving thermal insulation in the premise.

The universal system allows you to create different designs: folding, sliding, blind. In addition, various types of structures can be combined together using adapters and connectors.

ALT 100 series profiles are made of origin aluminum only. In addition, they are additionally coated with polyester powder material. This ensures high resistance of profiles to external influences and their durability.

Colour of profiles is white as a standard. However, on client’s request, it can be “adjusted” to any taste and at the most daring design decisions.

Another important advantage of the system ALT 100 is the ability to design and creation of loggias and balconies that are 100% fit harmoniously into the architecture of any building.

Turn your balkony into aesthetic and comfortable recreation area with TM Nobilex!