How you can add comfort and functionality to office and commercial premises

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Modern, comfortable and functional: what you need to be aware of the system of walls for offices and commercial premises


Today, functionality and good design are crucial in the design of space in office buildings. Using modern materials and technology you can easily solve the problem of sound insulation in office and separation of trading floors, while implementing the most daring design ideas.

When planning and organizing office or commercial space, more and more Ukrainians use the system of partitions ALT 110, which the leader in manufacturing of window structures in Transcarpathia TM Nobilex also uses.

The popular system also allows installation of doors in an aluminum frame. You can choose single or double glazing, as well as door type – single or double-leaf. Door profiles provide a wide choice of accessories due to the use of “eurogroove.”

In case of transparent use, you can choose the option of the partion glasing – single of double. Single glazing is often used in the arrangement of trade premises; such partitions allow to demonstrate the product in all its beauty and protect from noise. But in offices, partitions with double glazing are more preffered, in which the glass thickness can be 4, 5, 6, and 8 mm.

It should be noted, that the system ALT 110 allows to use tempered glass and built-in louver.

In case of blind filling, there are several options for selection. Using 8 mm MDF or chipboard 10 mm, you can perform filling in one row. The filling of a partition in two 2 rows enables the use of drywall, chipboard, MDF, vinyl-covered gypsum board and any other material in thickness of 4 to 16 mm.


Special profiles of the system ALT 110 will help hide the telephone, computer and electric cables – they are laid inside the partition structure. In addition, there is a possibility of hidden installation of switches and sockets on both sides of the partition.

Visual lightness and transparency of the structure is due to the small visible width of the support in partitions – only 40 mm. This width can be further reduced, when choosing economy class of a profile, the visible width is only 30 mm.

The frame assembly and filling do not take much time and eliminate the need for additional painting or puttying. In addition, each of the elements of the partition can be disassembled and replaced independently of other parts of the structure.

The partition system allows the installation of partitions higher than 3 meters and ensures safe and long operation.

Do not forget about the huge range of design options – the system offers unlimited combinations and solutions using glass and blind sections of different types of glass (tinted, decorative, matte), colours and textures for blind filling.

Create a unique interior and design it in a unique style together with TM Nobilex!

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