How to prepare windows for winter – detailed instruction


In Ukraine frosty winter is about to come, which means that the temperature in apartments will fall. Such measures as adjustment, lubrication of window elements can help you in preparation for the winter period and make your apartment coldproof. Additionally, this preventive procedure will help to extend the service life of your windows. You need to perform a few steps to prepare your windows for winter.

Step 1. Windows cleaning and washing

The preparation of your windows for winter should be started with usual washing. It is important to consider that neither too sunny weather, when water instantly goes dry, nor cold weather, which provides freezing, are not appropriate for washing windows. So it is better to choose warm autumn period for washing (and in the future – warm, but not hot springtime).

Carefully wipe all surfaces: window sill, profile, leafs. Clean glasses with special cleanser. And that’s all – your window is ready for the further processing.


Step 2. Disassembly of mosquito nets

If mosquito nets are installed on your windows it is better to remove them in winter, because cold and moisture can damage its structure.

Step 3. Check of leafs integrity

In order to check whether the leaf is quite firmly pressed to the window use a usual white sheet of paper. If it is drawn out with little effort when the leaf is closed – it means that everything is all right. Otherwise (i.e. if the sheet is too easy to draw out) before winter frosts you need to change the mode of leaf closing in “winter mode”, that would provide a tight adjoining. The furniture for mode changing is usually at the end face of the window and constitute a roller pivots with marking.

In order to configure the window for a winter mode, you need to insert an allеn key into a pivot and turn it over until the adjoining becomes maximal one.

After this check how the furniture functions, maybe it needs to be adjusted. Check if the window is closed well now.

Step 4. Cleaning and lubrication of furniture parts and sealing rubber

Now you need to clean the internal structure of the window. For the same purpose, that is to protect the house from cold drafts which can penetrate even through the tiniest cracks, use a lubricant for seals and furniture, ensuring tightness. To begin with, wipe properly the sealing rubber around the perimeter of the window and then process it with the special solution. This can be a pencil specialized for processing as well as other products based on glycerin. You should also lubricate all moving parts of furniture.


Step 5. Drain holes washing

These holes are designed to prevent ice formation or condensation on the surface of the window, so you should look after them carefully and clean it regularly. In winter, the amount of condensate often increases due to temperature difference, so, in order to avoid the redundant fogging of glass, you definitely have to clean the drain holes. In order to carry out cleaning, you can use vacuum cleaner or wooden sticks, matches or toothpicks.

After all these simple steps your window will be completely ready for winter frosts and will be able to keep warm in your home!