Glaze your balkony and loggia


Glazing of loggia or balcony blocks if they are in your apartment, it is only a matter of time.

How to make the right choice

The features of choice of a profile system will ensure a comfortable environment in particular on the balcony and in the apartment as a whole.

When you make choices about the glazing on the balcony, we recommend to be guided by the principle of reasonable necessity. In this case, the balcony windows are selected depending on the following factors:

  • • balcony type – the expansion of living space of an apartment or a “cold” balcony;
  • • location of the balcony – the balcony windows look out on the courtyard or the street of the highway or road.

The balcony looks out on the "noisy" place

If the balcony looks out not on the courtyard, then the winter wind will certainly blow out into the house and apartment can be quite cool. To avoid this unpleasant situation, we propose to choose energy efficient windows with specialized systems Brugmann or Spectrum with energy-saving glass unit.

To reduce weight of the structure it is appropriate to install single-chamber energy-efficient windows, that in terms of energy savings is better than the conventional two-chamber.

Вот такой может быть и Ваша лоджия

Energy Savings

The energy-saving window, it is above all, the energy-efficient insulating glass unit. TM Nobilex can offer a nice glass unit that combines: a camera (two glasses) with remote frame that ensures excellent properties on heat preservation and sound insulation.

If you decided to install double-glass unit, it will be helpful to know that the double-glass unit although heavier than that a single-chamber, but has improved characteristics concerning heat and noise insulation.

The balcony looks out on the courtyard or quiete place

If the balcony windows look out the courtyard, then to glaze the balcony we offer a simple and practical solution – to replace old balcony windows with the new ones made of the standard four chamber profile system WDS , which is a high-quality and economical solution for any home.

To provide the required parameters of energy efficiency and sound insulation, the special single-chamber glass units with energy-saving coating are used in windows.

Balcony configuration

When glazing balconies, any leaf can be done with the function of opening and dropping, also the accessories have a ventilation mode that provides a constant flow of fresh air in any season.

For easy access to clothes that can be dried on the balcony ropes, we recommend you do two leafs with the opening mode (“leaved”) located in the central part of the balcony.


Adventage of glazing of balconies

Having glazed your balcony, you get rid from rain, dust, noise and other negative factors.

Using swing-dropping or “leaved” windows, you can always ventilate the area or access the rope for linen.

Years of experience in complex mounting works allow our installers to install U-shaped – L-shaped balconies, balconies with glazing using circular segments, and perform other types of non-standard types of installation without any issues, and qualitatively and fast.
On the loggias, as well as on balconies, the heaters are usually absent, so the loggia space should be well protected against external factors.

The choice of profile system

When glazing the balcony block, it is necessary to consider whether the balcony will be glazed itself, as this have direct influence on the performance and cost of your future structure.

Therefore, if the balcony will be glazed, you can make your choice on 4-chamber systems, such as Ukrainian WDS with a single-chamber energy efficient glass unit; it will provide proper comfort and save your money.

If you are not planning to glaze the balcony it is better to use 5- and 6-chamber systems such as: German Brugmann or Poland Spectrum with the two-chamber energy-saving glass unit, it will increase comfort in your premise.

The best profile systems

If your financial capabilities allow, then for maximum energy efficiency and sound insulation it is better to use a modern 6-chamber system, such as bluEvolution 82.


The choice of a glass unit


Please note that a room with balconies and loggias gets less sunlight, so the design of such structures should be guided by the principles of maximum light transmission:

• first, the minimum amount of glass in the path of sunlight. It is better to use single-chamber and energy-effective glass unit;

• second, maximum size of transparent elements. It is better to use blind glassing in a window if it has access from the outside of the balcony.

Also, it is better, if possible, to refuse to use traditional sandwich panels at the bottom of the balcony block door in favor of a glass unit.

For more accurate calculation of the future value of your balcony or loggia call our managers or request a free call back and our manager will call you at your convenience!