A correctly selected insulated glazing unit will help to save heat in the house


Autumn – the time has come when it is worth while caring about the warmth and comfort at your home. For that, you need to pay attention to the windows in your flat or house, because they play not the least role in room temperature factors.

As is well known, the window consists to 80% of an insulated glazing unit. The insulated glazing unit is a hermetic combination of 2 or more glass sheets, the distance between which is provided with empty aluminum distance frames. Depending on the number of sheets and air chambers (layers between them) inside, the insulated glazing units are divided into one-camber and two-chamber units. The one-chamber units consist of two glass sheets, and the two-chamber units consist of three glass sheets.

We may often come across advertising announcements about extraordinary features and thermal insulation factors of windows. In reality the resistance to heat transfer of windows depends on the thickness of the insulated glazing units.
How to select a corresponding insulated glazing unit, they know at the Nobilex TM window construction plant.

The Nobilex plant in the Transcarpathia conquers new summits: what you need to know about the leader in manufacture of window structures.

What you need to know when selecting an insulated glazing unit

Formerly, the most of customers preferred ordinary insulated glazing units 24 mm thick. But in recent time, more and more often the choice falls on the insulated glazing units which save up to 70% more heat, these are thickened 32 mm and 44 mm insulated glazing units.

It should be noted that an additional chamber increases not only thermal insulation, but it also keeps better heat in the room, and therefore one can economize on heating due to correct choice.

In the whole, saving the resistance to thermal transfer of the insulated glazing unit occurs when it is filled with dry air and when energy saving glass (glass with E-Low sputtering) is used. Also an inert gas with low thermal conductivity is used for that. The chambers are mostly filled with argon. Hermetic filling of air chambers increases the service life of the window.


It’s no secret that the quality of insulated glazing units depends on the make of glass used at their manufacture.
When manufacturing insulated glazing units, the Nobilex TM uses only high-quality glass from European manufacturer Euroglas.

The Nobilex TM insulated glazing unit consists of the following components:


Energy saving glass and efficient prevention of condensate

At present, there are various kinds of glass presented at the market, which can be singled out according to the intended use, in particular, these are: energy saving glass, sun-protection glass, and multifunctional glass.

The energy saving glass, which is also called “low-emission glass”, is efficient due to the fact that it increases the resistance to heat transfer (Ro). It is worth while taking into consideration that the exchange of the usual glass for the energy saving glass, with addition of argon, in the 24 mm insulated glazing unit will allow achieving the Ro factor which is equal to 0.72 m2C°/W.

The choice of thickened insulated glazing units is also characterized with noise stability. This is one of the greatest advantages, but it can be achieved with correct installation of window structures. When the cold comes, more and more people face the displays of condensate and sweated windows.

This can be explained with the influence of different temperatures on the window from the outside and from the inside of the insulated glazing unit. For that very reason, at the Nobilex TM, great attention is paid to the temperature of the outside surfaces of the glass, because the lower it is, the more it is probable that the condensate will appear. If you have high humidity level in your house or flat, the “warm” distance frame ACS+ may correct the situation with the condensate forming.

Usually the temperature of the inside surface in the 24 mm insulated glazing unit is 2-3°C lower than that in the 32 mm or 44 mm insulated glazing unit. The sweating is mostly visible along the perimeter of the glass with concentration in the bottom part. Customers’ reproaches arise also because of ice forming on the windows.

Comparison of the traditional aluminum frame and the ACS+. The temperature of the inside surface of the glass in the corner zone of the insulated glazing unit.


The TOP-5 pieces of advice from the professionals

1. Maximal dimensions of an insulated glazing unit with the 4 mm thick glass shall not exceed 2.4 square meters. Otherwise the deformation and destroying of the insulated glazing unit may occur. It is better to trust the checking of dimensions to the professionals who will perform calculation, in spite of mechanic loads.

2. Increase of dimensions of the insulated glazing unit is possible on account of using the 6 mm thick glass and triplex – the multilayer glass (two or more organic or silicate glasses glued with each other with a special polymeric film or composition, able to hold fragments at the blow).

3. It is not advisable to order insulated glazing units filled with argon (or other inert gas) in case there is no glass with energy saving sputtering on them. So with the energy saving glass with using the argon, the insulated glazing unit becomes as twice as warm.

4. The insulated glazing units can be installed at the ambient air temperature not lower than -15°C. Also the inside air of the rooms in the winter period of construction shall be not lower than +5°C.

5. The two-chamber insulated glazing unit is 1.5 times as heavy, and this increases the load on the furniture of frames. But an undoubted advantage is the noise stability and thermal insulation.

It is good to remember that increased factors of the insulated glazing unit do not guarantee the high-quality filling of the window section. Therefore the professionalism of performing the installation works is important, which the Nobilex TM window construction plant guarantees.

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