5 myths about plastic windows, which were not true


Plastic windows appeared on the Ukraine market already long enough. But this does not diminish the appearance of new and maintaining old myths about them. Today, PVC windows and doors have become commonplace and affordable things, but a few myths still remain in our thoughts.


Myth No.1 - plastic windows are harmful for health

This is probably the most common mistake. Many people are concerned with the “chemical” name of the material – polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and that the lead is added in the process of the production of plastic.

We start with that the environment friendliness and naturality are not the same thing. Despite the fact that PVC is a product of complex chemical synthesis, it is completely safe for humans due to its unique properties. If you look around you, you will see that plastic today is one of the most popular materials by the scope of its application. Think of what, for example, teapot is made in your kitchen. Usually, it is made of plastic, but is it alarming for someone?

As for lead, numerous studies show: in the finished product, lead carries no threat.

Manufacturers of a profile give an illustrative example in this case: almost every family has a cut glass ware, but it is nothing but glass with a lead, and in a much greater extent than plastic. However, none of us deem it dangerous to health.

Manufacturers of high quality profiles use safe stabilizers in the chemical formula of products, which makes it possible to certify products in accordance with health standards. For example, TM Nobilex products are recommended for installation in child care centers and hospitals and has all relevant forms and sertificates.

Myth No.2 - Metal plastic windows can be installed in the summer only

This is one of the most common mistakes. Today, not only technology of window production is at a high level, but production of mounting materials too. Leading manufacturers of mounting foam produce foam, which allows you to make high-quality installation at up to – 100C. TM Nobilex stops work only during severe frosts or rains.


Myth No.3 - Metal plastic windows are too expensive

When the plastic windows appeared on our window market, they were quite expensive in comparison with the standard wooden windows. They were installed mainly in expensive private homes or apartments in prestige locations. But for the last 10 years, the amount of PVC windows and doors prodused was massively increased, manufacturing plants increased their output tenfold, which in turn affected the value of the products downward.

In addition, today’s market of plastic windows will allow to select options from modest budget proposals to the elite custom designs. The choice of qualitative manufacturer will allow to preserve all the necessary basic characteristics even under budget option.

Myth No. 4 - There is vacuum inside an insulating glass unit

The term “vacuum glass unit” is not entirely accurate. If the insulating glass unit really has high vacuum, the atmospheric pressure would press glass into the glass unit, and they simply would burst. In fact, some rarefaction of air is really created in the glass unit during its production to press glass to the frame more tightly. This is not a vacuum in the conventional sense.

The glass unit can be filled with an inert gas, argon, on the client’s request. This filling of glass unit chambers increases the heat conservation coefficient of the window structure in general. For more details about insulating glass units read here.


Myth No.5 - All PVC windows have standard colors and shapes

Of course not! Another question is that our consumers get accustomed to white products having standard designs. Meanwhile, the imagination has no limitations today. Currently, the profile can be laminated with colored film.

As for the form, in addition to the usual “rectangles”, the plastic window can be square, trapezoidal, in the form of an arch and even round. As a matter of fact the window profile thanks to its qualities as flexibility and elasticity can realize almost any thoughts and fantasies.

Unreasonable fear should not prevent you to become owners of high quality and beautiful plastic windows. The main thing is to choose the right manufacturer.

Please contact the qualified employees of TM Nobilex, and we will share all the secrets and help make a good choice!