“Warm” credits for energy saving windows are coming back!


The Savings Bank has renewed the crediting for purchase of energy materials (energy saving windows) with the compensation of a part of the credit sum within the State program.

Save the warmth and your money

Purchasing the energy-efficient equipment and/or materials with compensation of 35 percent of the rest of credit (maximum 14 thousand UAH.)

Conditions of getting a credit

Sum of credit – from 1 000 to 50 000 UAH.
Initial installment – from 10% of the cost of goods
Crediting period – up to 3 years
Interest rate – 17,99% per annum
Single commission for giving credit – 4,3% of the credit sum

Necessary documents

  • passport
  • tax identification number
  • document about income received for the last 6 months
  • invoice for the goods

The amount of compensation and list of goods

The amount of compensation is 35%, maximum 14 000 Hrn. of the sum of credit when purchasing energy-efficient equipment and/or materials, to which the following belong:

  • transparent structures with energy saving glass (except for one-chamber structures), including windows and balcony doors, and corresponding equipment and materials to them.

An example of people’s economy on account of the program

When purchasing windows

cost of goods – 20 000 UAH.
sum of credit – 18 000 UAH.
sum of compensation – 6300 UAH.
sum of interest for 1 years – 3105 UAH.
one-time fee for credit – 774 UAH.
economy on payment of interest when getting the compensation – up to 2124 UAH.

You can learn more at the Nobilex TM offices and at the departments of the Savings Bank.