Sectional gates

Advantages of automatic sectional garage gates

  • Easy and simple using
  • Reliability and safety
  • Good hermeticity of the opening
  • Excellent thermal insulation


Sectional gates are widely used at construction of cottages, garages and parking places.

Sectional gates have a number of undoubted advantages compared with other types of gates. The leaf of such gates consists of several sections with movable joining of each other by means of steel hinges.

While moving on the guides, the leaf of sectional gate passes from vertical (closed) position to horizontal (open) position, moving to the ceiling. Such a motion path of the sectional gate leaf allows keeping the dimensions of the slot, and it economizes the space in front of the gate and inside the garage. Due to these features, the sectional gates are becoming more and more popular.

Types of operation of sectional gates

Automatic garage gates
  • Automatic gates equipped with electric drive will provide additional comfort in operation of structures.
  • Garage automatic gates with remote control are easily and conveniently operated from the car.
  • This is especially convenient in the bad weather – rain or snow.
  • To open the gate, you need only to press a button on the remote control unit, and the gate is open.
  • It is important that in case of electric power supply breakdown, the garage automatic gate can be switched to manual operation mode by means of the unblocking mechanism.
  • The garage automatic gates are simple and safe in operation.
  • In case of colliding with an obstacle, the gate stops and then rolls back.
  • The automatic gates comply with safety requirements of the European Union and of Ukraine.
  • The life of the spring used in the garage gates is intended for 25 000 lifting and lowering cycles, which approximately corresponds to 17 years of operation (four lifting and lowering of the gate every day during the whole period).
Manual operation of the garage gate
  • Due to the spring mechanism, the weight of the gate leaf is compensated, and it can be opened and closed manually.
  • To lift the gate, a handle can be installed on the gate leaf.
  • It is recommended to use a block with the gate height over 2 m and the area of up to 15 square meters.
  • For manual lifting the gate, a special block can be additionally used.
  • With that, the lifting and lowering of the gate is done manually by means of a cord thrown over the block and fixed on the lower panel of the gate leaf.

Garage structures provide safe operation for all the family members.

The gates comply with the Directives of the European Union in the sphere of products safety, which is confirmed with test protocols. Availability of protocols allows applying the CE marking on the gates.

It should be noted that the sectional garage gates have excellent strength features. This guarantees reliability and long lasting operation.

Automatic gates are made of energy efficient panels and have sealing along the whole perimeter, which provides comfort temperature inside the room.

Basic colors of garage sectional gates

The possibility of painting the gates in any color, which has an approximate correspondence with the RAL color palette, allows achieving ideal combination of colors with the windows, the roof, and the facade of the building.