Office partitions – ALT110


The system of office partitions ALT110

ALT110 is the system of office partitions intended for organization of workspace and forming of different functional rooms with the purpose of creation of comfortable conditions for work.

The system allows creating refined interiors in the halls, meeting rooms, private offices, dividing the halls in the trade centers. The variety of individual solutions is achieved on account of wide choice of construction elements, options of surface and colour decoration of the system.

Unlimited combinations of glass and dumb sections, tinted, mat and decorative glasses and venetian blinds of different types open a large field for designer’s search. The richest choice of types, colours and surfaces for dumb filling allows creating a unique interior and decorating it in a unique style.

Features of the ALT110

The profile
  • The stand – visible width 30-40 mm (depending on the height of partition)
  • Acoustic insulation – up to 33 dB (class C)
  • Thermal insulation – 4i x 10 x 4 x 10 4i – 0.6 W
  • Wind load – class A
  • The glass is 4, 5, 6 and 8 mm wide
  • Siegenia, developed for aluminum profiles
  • Burglar-resistant elements
  • Lifting handle blocking
  • Series of the Siegenia handles for aluminum windows
  • Made of aluminum
  • Ergonomic shape
  • Modern design
The system of office partitions ALT110 has a number of unique particulars and features:
  • the partition is assembled by means of steel angles on self-tapping screws, without preliminary drilling of the profiles;
  • using the steel angles allows installing girths with the stands already installed, without sequential installation at folding;
  • the slots in the angles allow “setting the horizontal” of the girths without the need of making a new hole in the stand;
  • the stand can be fixed to the floor and to the ceiling by means of an angle;
  • using the steel angles allows concealing the installers’ faults at cutting the girths up to 5 cm;
  • there is a hole provided in the steel angle for quick and convenient leading out the cord from the venetian blind;
  • the filling is fixed by means of clamps and latches;
  • installation of single or double translucent or dumb filling is possible;
  • revolving profiles allow realizing any angles of structure turning within the range of 90°-270°.

Main Colors

Special Colors

*The color in the photo may differ from the color of the finished product.

Any RAL color