Metal-plastic windows Spectrum 86

Specrtum 86 - Prestigious design, high energy efficiency and security

  • Increased energy saving
  • Modern solution with improved insulation
  • Improved acoustic and thermal properties of doors
  • The presence of the third seal contour, both in the frame and leaf
  • The special configuration of PVC profile and offset of a groove of accessories deep into a window make it safe and intrusion-resistant.

Specrtum 86 profile characteristics

Specrtum 86_1
  • 6 chamber frame in width of 86 mm
  • 6 chamber leaf in width of 86 mm
  • Galvanized steel profile
  • Three TPE sealing contours
  • The additional seal is installed between the frame and sill strip
  • All windows are available in the market with a thickness up to 44 mm
  • It is possible to choose decorative (colored) glass
  • Self-regulating trunnion
  • Micro ventilation
  • Innovative balcony latch
  • Made of aluminum
  • Ergonomic design
  • High strength
  • It is possible to choose a colour

Windows systems Specrtum 86 with mounting depth of 86 mm is a perfect combination of versatility.

Profile Specrtum 86 has a number of benefits and features.

A large camera to ensure proper ventilation of profiles and easy drainage of rainwater.
The environmental friendliness is achieved by using calcium-zinc stabilizers.

The profile Spectrum 86 is ideal for the manufacture of windows for an energy efficient building.

The maximum strength and stability of the windows design is achieved due the installation of steel reinforcement of large size.

On the customer’s request, the high quality profile can be covered with a decorative film, which is represented in more than 20 colours.

Basic colors

Special colors*

* The color of lamination films in the photo may differ from the color of the ready products.

Wide color range of laminated shapes allows creating windows integrated in various styles of the interior. You can become familiar with the whole color range at the Nobilex offices.