Brugmann 73 (art) metal-plastic windows

Brugmann 73 (art) – High energy saving efficiency, increased safety

  • Increased parameters of energy saving;
  • Modern solution with the increased insulation;
  • Thermal resistance coefficient: up to 0.80 m2x°C/W;
  • Thermal insulation: up to 46 dB;
  • Resistance to breaking and entering: protection class RC2.

Features of the Brugmann 73 (art)

The profile
  • 5-chamber profile is 73 mm wide
  • 5-chamber rounded fold is 84 mm wide
  • Two TEP sealing contours
  • Additional sealant between the window sill plank and the frame
  • All insulated glazing units are available at the market with the width of up to 44 mm
  • Window U = 0.5 W/m2K
  • Siegenia titan – one burglar resistance clip in the basic configuration
  • Self-adjusting pivots
  • Micro-ventilation
  • Innovational balcony clip
  • Made of a metal rod coated with wear-resistant plastic 3 mm thick
  • Ergonomic design
  • High strength
  • Possibility of color choice

If you wish your requirements for high performance of the window systems to be fulfilled, then the Brügmann 73 AD profile system is the right choice.

Thoroughly sealed surfaces not only make the profile especially easy to care; they also provide extremely long service life. The profile system prevents formation of heat dams and due to that it contributes to significant reducing of energy consumption.

The highly developed profile structure with big steel gaskets provides additionally stability and operation reliability.

Application branches: turn windows, hinged windows, turn and hinged windows, emergency exit doors, accordion doors, sliding or parallel hinged sliding doors.


Basic colors

Special colors*

* The color of lamination films in the photo may differ from the color of the ready products.

Wide color range of laminated profiles allows creating windows integrated in various styles of the interior. You can become familiar with the whole color range at the Nobilex offices.