Metal-plastic windows

Plastic (or metal-plastic) windows have become extremely popular among the Ukrainians. First of all, the proportion of price and quality contributes to it, and also wide possibilities for their application – strength of the structure, thermal conductivity and resistance to external factors.

Metal-plastic windows will not only decorate the interior, they will also help to economize on payment for heating.

When changing windows, you should pay special attention to the quality of installation. Even the windows of the highest quality will not save heat with the low-quality installation. Professional installers should know all the details of the profile system and furniture with which they work.

When ordering the whole complex of services at our company, you can be sure that the installation will be done with good quality and professionally.

Nobilex TM metal-plastic windows

The Nobilex TM has been working at the market of Ukraine since 2007 – it has been manufacturing and installing the window and door structures of metal-plastic, and since 2015 of aluminum, too.

The priority of development of the Nobilex TM is providing the highest quality of the products and client servicing standards. In our activity we use exceptionally original components from the best European manufacturers.

Also special attention is paid to the quality of assembly and installation. This is the guarantee that your windows will be warm, safe, ecologically clean, long-living, and with good protection rate against outside irritants.

Every window is manufactured by individual dimensions. That is why the highly-skilled specialists are engaged in manufacture, delivery and installation of windows and doors.

We have a short term of structures manufacture

We present the most favorable prices for high-quality windows

You order windows from the manufacturer and do not pay extra money

All the works are performed by the highly-skilled workers of our company who pass systematic training and certification which is the guarantee of successful development of the enterprise. Our equipment and modern production technologies enable us to manufacture metal-plastic windows of any configurations and sizes, and the options of decoration and insulated glazing units will satisfy the most exigent client.

Our profile systems

Own production of aluminum windows and doors allowed our company establishing the strict control of the quality of products at all stages of the production cycle. Such complex approach singles out the Nobilex TM products advisably from the competitors’ products.

Advantages of metal-plastic windows

Excellent thermal insulation level

This factor is provided due to hermeticity and width of the profile system, and also due to increase of the number of chambers in the insulated glazing unit from one-chamber (2 glasses) to two-chamber (3 glasses).

Excellent level of soundproofing

Are provided by increasing the width of the profile system, and by increasing the number of cameras in the pane with a single-chamber (2 glasses) for double-chamber (3 glasses).


The structure of the insulated glazing unit may consist of several chambers. At the same time, a warm distance frame can be used inside the insulated glazing unit.

Fire resistance

One of the components of the metal-plastic windows is polyvinylchloride, in which there are special additives. They are intended to resist a flash and spreading of flame.