Metal-plastic doors

The first impression convinces. The profiles for outside doors with the 73 mm installation depth were specially developed with consideration of high requirements presented for outside doors.

The exceptionally stable structure with big-sized steel reinforcement is able to endure constant continuous loads and at the same time it provides maximal comfort. The 4-chamber system with the sealing on the whole area of the profile provides fine thermal insulation and maximal protection against noises.

3- or 5-fold blocking systems are recommended to satisfy the highest requirements for safety.

In spite of the main differences concerning design and completion, the plastic entrance doors differ from the metal doors by their functional features, too. The primary task of the entrance doors is reliable protection of the room against breaking and entering by strangers.

When manufacturing metal-plastic doors, the Nobilex TM takes into consideration all the technical and decoration components, due to which all the entrance plastic doors differ by the high quality and easy operation.

The Nobilex TM metal-plastic doors

The plastic doors may be completed with aluminum or plastic threshold. With that, the aluminum threshold is considered to be more comfortable, since its height does not exceed two centimeters, whereas the height of the plastic threshold may reach seven. Our plastic windows and doors have built-in burglary protection furniture.

In particular, the door furniture can fix reliably the fold due to the strike plate of the lock. The door furniture may have one or three closing points. Namely they are the guarantee that the fold pressing against the frame will be tighter, and thus the air permeability of the structure reduces.

We have a short term of structures manufacture

We present the most favorable prices for high-quality doors

You order doors from the manufacturer and do not pay extra money

Our profile systems

Why do they choose the Nobilex TM metal-plastic doors?


The Nobilex TM entrance group doors consist of high-quality plastic and of the strong reinforced profile which reaches 2 mm (according to the Ukrainian National Construction Regulations).

Thus, the reinforced structure of the door leaf guarantees the increased strength will keep its original appearance for a long time.

Long service life

The fact how often the door will be used, influences directly the wear of the door furniture.

The Nobilex TM doors comply with all criteria of the European standard and are maximally adapted to our climatic conditions, which allows making over 200 000 repetitions of opening and closing.


The appearance of the entrance door plays an important role in the design of the whole room.

To form an attractive and stylish composition, the Nobilex TM offers the widest configuration range of the door structures and pressure furniture, different in color, from the world brands.


Highly-skilled specialists of our company will help to select an entrance metal-plastic door of the very option which suits best to your house.

Own production of aluminum windows and doors allowed our company establishing the strict control of the quality of products at all stages of the production cycle. Such complex approach singles out the Nobilex TM products advisably from the competitors’ products.

Advantages of metal-plastic doors

Excellent thermal insulation level

This factor is provided due to hermeticity and width of the profile system, and also due to increase of the number of chambers in the insulated glazing unit from one-chamber (2 glasses) to two-chamber (3 glasses).

Excellent level of soundproofing

Are provided by increasing the width of the profile system, and by increasing the number of cameras in the pane with a single-chamber (2 glasses) for double-chamber (3 glasses).


The structure of the insulated glazing unit may consist of several chambers. At the same time, a warm distance frame can be used inside the insulated glazing unit.

Fire resistance

One of the components of the metal-plastic windows is polyvinylchloride, in which there are special additives. They are intended to resist a flash and spreading of flame.