Interior partitions – ALT111


The system of interior partitions

The system of interior partitions ALT111 is intended for organization of workspace in the trade halls, exhibition centers, office room, and it opens wide possibilities for creation of the interiors of any purpose.

Preparation of the shapes for assembly actually consists of one action – cutting of the shapes of needed size at the “convenient” angle of 90 degrees. You can forget about all kinds of labour-consuming processes, types of milling or preliminary drilling of holes. Application of conductors for exact drilling is not needed in this case, either.

Intention and use

The system ALT111 can be installed in the trade complexes, banks, public buildings, production and administration buildings, fitness centers, educational and scientific institutions.

The system ALT111 partitions create a unique style of a company, they provide and cozy atmosphere and favourable situation for employees’ fruitful work.

Features of interior partitions ALT111

The profile
  • The profile of the stand – visible width 40 mm (height of partition is 3.5 m at the step 0f 1.2 m between the stands)
  • Acoustic insulation – up to 40 dB (class C)
  • Thermal insulation – 4i x 10 x 4 x 10 4i – 0.6 W
  • Wind load – class A
  • installation of single or double translucent or dumb filling is possible: the glass is 4, 5, 6, 8 and 10 mm wide; gypsum plasterboard, wood laminated plastic, medium density fiberboard, vinyl-covered gypsum board and any other materials from 4 to 12.5 mm wide.
  • Siegenia, developed for aluminum profiles
  • Burglar-resistant elements
  • Lifting handle blocking
  • Series of the Siegenia handles for aluminum windows
  • Made of aluminum
  • Ergonomic shape
  • Modern design

Distinctive features of interior partitions ALT111 are:

  • the filling is fixed with plastic clamps which provide maximum convenient installation and demounting of partitions (the innovation solution protected with patent);
  • joining of the stands and the girths is done by means of laid-on brackets and self-tapping screws, which excludes totally the sequential mode of installation;
  • the possibility of joining with a gypsum plasterboard partition is implemented;
  • two options of plastic clamps are implemented – symmetrical and asymmetrical;
  • revolving shapes allow implementing the turning angles of structures within the range of 90°-270°.

Main Colors

Special Colors

*The color in the photo may differ from the color of the finished product.

Any RAL color