Facade roll-up doors

Roller shutters and window roller blinds

Roller systems (in other words – roller shutters or roller blinds) are installed in the door or window apertures and provide reliable protection of the room against others’ eyes, noise, weather conditions and break-in.

Among the products manufactured, there are extruded and foam-filled shapes, end shapes and guide plates, protection boxes and side covers, elements of roller blind suspension and operation, and many-many other.

At present, Nobilex offers high-quality roller blinds in various price segments for any group of clients. These are classical roller blinds of the “Classic” series, and a low-budget option – roller blinds of the “Economy” series.

The both series have both general advantages, and different features.

Today, to install roller blinds or roll-up doors (roller shutters) means to approach prudently the question of protection of one’s house. Because our aluminum window roller blinds are reliable, strong and long-lived in operation. Modern materials, equipment and technologies used at their manufacturing are time-proved and quality mark certified.

Advantages of the Nobilex roller blinds.

Protection against other's eyes

Window roller blinds are the reliable protection of your private life, too, because they are able to protect against others’ eyes (which is especially actual for the dwellers of the lower floors).

Besides that, due to variety of shapes and colour solution, the window roller blinds are always an original decorative element of the facade which will emphasize the style and exclusivity of your house.

Protection against noise

It is proved that using aluminum shapes with foam filling is able to reduce the level of outside noises, which will allow you working efficiently and have a pleasant rest.

Protection against bad weather and the sun

Window roller blinds will also protect against any adverse atmospheric phenomena (hail, snow, rain, blasts of wind) which may cause damage for your home.

Window roller blinds are able to keep the coolness even on the hottest days, and to protect the curtains, furniture, and carpet flooring against fading.

Protection against break-in

Due to application of unique construction components made of high-strength aluminum, the roller blinds are able to protect reliably your house even during your absence.

Energy saving

Roller shutters contribute to establishing the optimal temperature in the house: they keep the coolness on hot days, and they keep the warmth on cold days (they allow reducing the heat losses up to 20% inside the room).

The group of Nobilex partner companies has been engaged for many years in manufacturing and assembly of roller blinds systems for windows and doors. The current assortment of products counts over 10 000 of items of roller blinds components of various constructs and colour range.

Wide choice of color solutions

Wide color range provides manifold options of combination of the gates with the building Facade. Depending on the color, the roller gate may merge with the Facade, or in the contrary, be a bright element.