Arched structures

What does single us out in manufacturing of arched structures?

  • High-accuracy 3D cameras which operate and control the bending process;
  • The machine-tool recognizes automatically the form and position of the shape to be bent at the machine-tool;
  • Automatic recognition and control of the bending angle of the shape during the process;
  • Automatic measuring and control of the width and height of the arch during the bending process;

TEAM-ENG CENTER This is the firm founded as far back as 1988. The founder and the owner of the firm is Dragan Turanyanin whose progressive ideas in business have always been and remain ahead of their time. In 1999, the firm presented an absolutely new and unique way of bending the PVC shapes at the bending machine-tool with three rollers. Namely the owner’s son Urosh Turanyanin, when he was 18, discovered this brilliant idea, who now is the owner of this world-wide known firm which produces special machine-tools for bending the PVC shapes for joinery products.

High-quality bending of aluminum and PVC shapes with a rather little bending angle from 200 to 300 mm is achieved due to high accuracy of the instruments made and due to big experience of the TEAM-ENG CENTER Company in this business.

For this very reason, the Nobilex TM made it choice namely on this equipment.

Advantages of the Nobilex TM arched structures

Minimal radius of the arch

The minimal radius of the arch for certain types of shape systems is from 150 to 200 mm.

Bending the shapes with reinforcement

Bending the PVC shapes is done together with reinforcement which is inside the shape.

Length of the shape

Bending the unlimited length of the shape.

Maximal radius

The maximal radius of the bent arch is unlimited.


Bending the PVC shapes can be done with an original protective film which provides keeping an attractive appearance of the shape.


The innovational 3D-technology by means of the modern 3D-cameras provides a row of new possibilities at manufacture of complex arches, and also the improved control and operation of the automated bending process from the beginning to the end.

The innovational technology with application of laser devices defines the center of the shape bending within the accuracy of one millimeter.

Gallery of facilities where the arched structures are used