ALT F50 aluminum facade systems


Application of the ALT F50 aluminum facade systems

  • They are used for manufacture of light glass aluminum stained-glass windows of suspension-type and of filling type.
  • The manufacture both of windows and doors together is possible: turn, transom, turn-transom, automatic, built in the facade.
  • The ALT F-50 is widely used for manufacture of complex stained-glass structures.
  • Due to little weight, the structures of this profile can be installed in any type of buildings.

Features of the ALT F50 aluminum system

Type of profileWarm
Installation width62 mm - 270 mm
Filling thicknessup to 56 mm
Acoustic insulationReducing down to 43 dB
Thermal resistance coefficient:1.53 W*m2/C
Resistance to wind loadClass A
Permeability to airClass A
Sealant Synthetic rubberEPDM

Advantages of the ALUTECH ALT F-50

Main advantages

High acoustic insulation level, low thermal conductivity, resistance to outside impacts, wind and mechanic loads, long service life of perfect operation.

Ecological and fire safety.

Esthetic appearance and interesting design solutions

Esthetic appearance and interesting design solutions make the aluminum facades and stained-glass windows un-replaceable at construction of new buildings, and also at reconstruction of existing facilities, to render them a refined appearance and create expressive architectural shapes.

Increased strength and resistance to deformation

Due to its increased strength, the aluminum stained-glass windows endure very big loads and are less inclined to deformation. For that reason, the aluminum structures are often used for glazing of façade high-rise buildings and trade centers.

Wide choice of colors

The wide assortment of modern and functional technical and design solutions, the possibility of selection of any colour from the RAL-palette.

The shape systems can be painted in different colours from the inside and the outside, which allows ideal matching of the structure in the architecture of any facade, and using them in the interior.

Resistance to temperature drop

The structures of aluminum and the aluminum stained-glass windows do not change their properties at temperature drops thanks to that they match undoubtedly the climate conditions of our country.


Main Colors

Special Colors

*The color in the photo may differ from the color of the finished product.

Any RAL color