ALT C48 Aluminum windows


ALT C48 windows without thermal insulation

Application range of the ALT C48 system aluminum structures

The ALT C48 system aluminum structures are intended for installation in the inside and outside grooves of the building walls

The system allows manufacturing the structures of outside and inside doors, sliding automatic doors, entrance groups, vestibules, shop windows and inside partitions in any administration and public buildings and premises (shops, hypermarkets, business centers, offices of the companies, trade pavilions and markets, petrol stations, airports and railway stations, bus stations and others).

Features of the ALT C48

The profile
  • The frame is 48 mm wide
  • Two sealing contours with EPDM
  • Acoustic insulation – up to 33 dB (class C)
  • Thermal insulation – 4i x 10 x 4 x 10 4i – 0.6 W
  • Wind load – class A
  • All insulated glazing units are available at the market with the width of up to 28 mm
  • Siegenia, Stublina, developed for aluminum profiles
  • Burglar-resistant elements
  • Lifting handle blocking
  • Hinges holding the maximal weight – 80 kg or 100 kg, depending on the type
  • Series of the Siegenia, Stublina handles for aluminum windows
  • Made of aluminum
  • Ergonomic shape
  • Modern design

The ALT C48 system has wide functional possibilities and allows manufacturing:

  • Window structures with the furniture “Euro slot”;
  • Classical door structures with laid-on hinges:
  • Window structures with the “Fapim” furniture slot;
  • Partitions, combined structures;
  • Structures for installation of automatic sliding doors;
  • Pendulum doors with application of the floor latch mechanisms.

The window series of the profile with the “Euro slot” furniture slot allows installation of the widely used furniture and manufacture of windows of different opening types: turn windows, turn-hinged windows, upper suspended windows, lower-suspended windows with inside opening.

All the series of the ALT C48 system have the same basic installation depth for the profile frame – 48 mm. The system has wide possibilities for application of different types of fillings: glass, insulated glazing units, sandwich-panels, wood laminated plastic, and other sheet materials. The assortment of string fillets and sealant profiles allows installing the filling within the range from 4 to 30 mm.

Main Colors

Special Colors

*The color in the photo may differ from the color of the finished product.

Any RAL color