Aluminum doors

Glazing with the aluminum shape is of profit and high quality

Mostly the glazing with aluminum is used at glazing of balconies, terraces, enclosed balconies, entrance groups and Facade s of buildings.
We install aluminum systems from the well-known European manufacturers which are becoming more and more popular respected in Ukraine.

The modern designing of interior covers all the objects and elements in the room. The choice of door plays not the least role in creation of a creative and comfortable interior.

We can refer the following to the main systems of the aluminum doors shape: one-leaf doors, two-leaf doors, pendulum doors, sliding doors, cold doors and heat-insulated doors

Why are the aluminum doors so attractive?

Every person tries to make his house cozy and safe for his health, and for that reason he more and more often prefers the material which satisfies such needs as ecological performance, beautiful appearance and multi-functionality of the structure.

Aluminum doors TM Nobilex

The Nobilex TM window construction plant is a modern company which is developing dynamically, while using the newest building technologies, materials and equipment, which provide high quality of implementation of every project.

Having extended production, we offer our clients the manufacture and installation of the structures: windows, doors, entrance groups, office partitions, facade glazing, and winter gardens, using the shape systems: ALUTECH and REYNAERS.

We have a short term of structures manufacture

We present the most favorable prices for high-quality doors

You order doors from the manufacturer and do not pay extra money

All the works are performed by the highly-skilled workers of our company who pass systematic training and certification which is the guarantee of successful development of the enterprise. Our equipment and modern production technologies enable us to manufacture metal-plastic doors of any configurations and sizes, and the options of decoration and insulated glazing units will satisfy the most exigent client.

Our systems

Own production of aluminum windows and doors allowed our company establishing the strict control of the quality of products at all stages of the production cycle. Such complex approach singles out the Nobilex TM products advisably from the competitors’ products.

Advantages of aluminum doors

High strength degree

Good resistance to low temperatures and to ultraviolet rays

Resistance to corrosion

Possibility of free designing


The structures of aluminum allow creating the whole range of building structures, beginning from simple fencing structures, and finishing with spatial constructions.

Low weight of the structure

This factor is one of the most important features of the aluminum shape. Due to it, we can make a product, taking into consideration all architectural and design solutions, without caring about the fact that the whole structure would have critical weight.

Reliability and strength

With all the lightness which is typical for aluminum, it has rather high strength, and as a result, it is able to endure big loads.

Likewise the aluminum shape keeps its capability at the outside temperature from minus 80 to plus 300 C. This advantage excludes corrosion of this metal. The service life is over 80 years.

Individual appearance

In the period of designing a building, much attention is paid to development of its individual appearance. Our systems allow implementing the most daring design solutions.

Ecological performance

While manufacturing translucent structures, the Nobilex TM does not use harmful additives.


Aluminum structures have a good heat protection level and high acoustic insulation rates.

Long life

The newest technologies of preparation of the structure surface for painting and spattering, used by our suppliers, guarantee high outdoor resistance, long service life of the coating and colour of the ready products.