All-glass partitions – ALT115

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ALT115 is the system of clamping shapes and components for fixation of heat-strengthened glass of the glass partitions to the ceiling and the floor.

The ALT115 structures allow creating a unitary appearance of workspace, using more efficiently the natural illumination, and also enlarging the rooms visually.

Intention and use

All-glass partitions of the ALT115 system create the interior of any office or trade hall. The ALT115 system is an optimal solution in decorating and modelling of the space of all kinds of trade complexes and centers.

Features of ALT115

  • The glass is available at the market with the width of 8, 10 and 12 mm
  • Siegenia, developed for aluminum profiles
  • Burglar-resistant elements
  • Lifting handle blocking
  • Series of the Siegenia handles for aluminum windows
  • Made of aluminum
  • Ergonomic shape
  • Modern design

The main particularities of the ALT115 system

The flip-over clamp

The clamp has three longitudinal slots, different in depth. In combination with the lug of the guide, the slots provide the required gap in the pair “insert-clamp”, and namely 8, 10 and 12 mm. In this way, the same clamp is used for installation of glass panels 8, 10 and 12 mm wide.

The flip-over clamp

The position of the threaded orifice of the insert before leading it into the guide defines a common or safe (through the hole) way of fixation of glass panels. Thus, the possibility of the ways of installation mentioned above is provided with the same insert.

Clamping of glass in the required place

The possibility of clamping the glass in the required place due to free moving of the insert in the slot of the guide.

Compensation of the floor inclination

The possibility of using the straightening bottom plates 1, 2, 3, 5 mm wide is provided for compensation. The holes for self-tapping screws with S8 nailing plugs are drilled on the length of the guide with 300 mm step.

14 colours of anodizing

14 colours of anodizing (silver, 7 shades of bronze, 3 shades of gold, violet, turquoise, green) and 4 options of surface preparation (natural anodizing, shot-blasting treatment, cleaning, polishing) of the shade allow offering 56 options of ALT115 shapes coating.