We congratulate you on the First of September!


Dear pedagogues, schoolchildren, students!

We sincerely congratulate you on the Day of Knowledge – the real national holiday of wisdom, kindness and humanity. This day is always especially festive and exciting, for namely from it the unexplored, interesting and at the same time not an easy way begins to the knowledge, to new achievements, to an independent life.

We wish all the schoolchildren and students to conquer new acmes of knowledge, to meet good and reliable friends, and to achieve the goal you dreamt of. We are sure that your talents and persistence will become the guarantee of success in the adult life, and the high standards of the Ukrainian education and equal possibilities in obtaining the education for every child will contribute to it.

We direct the sincerest words of gratitude to the teachers who generously share their knowledge and cherish the real patriots of our country. Their wisdom and generosity remains with the pupils for the whole life. Let the First of September be sunny this year, may it bring good mood to every school, to every family!

We congratulate you on the holiday, dear friends! We wish you happiness!