Uzhgorod linguistic gymnasium named after Taras Shevchenko – 70 years in the educational field


In a world where everything is changing and fleeting, there are things that should not be forgotten. And first of all, it is – anniversaries. It appears both, in life of man and organization or building.
Uzhhgorod linguistic gymnasium named after T. H . Shevchenko is 70 years old!
As we all know, it is not only a school, but a pearl of architecture and history of our hometown. During this period of life of gymnasium, has changed and improved a lot: the number of students has increased ,has grown up the level of education and preparation of young Ukrainians to independent and adult life, crystallized team of teachers.

And it’s all thanks to not indifferent people like teachers, heads of school and parents of students, who understand the importance of secondary education for children and the future of an entire nation. After all, school is not just the walls, books, school bags and desks, it is special universe, in which our children become adult people.


Therefore, my sincere congratulations to collective and all gymnasium students on the occasion of this anniversary! 70 years for you – it is not the limit, not the end and not the edge, it is only beginning. So I wish the teaching staff strength and inspiration in your ,certainly, serious work, as well as increasing opportunities for collaboration and realization of new ideas in teaching children! And for students I wish persistence in conquering new heights, because for You, life only begins! Good luck!

With respect
Director General
of the “Steklolux-Uzhgorod” Nobilex TM
Andriy PIVEN