Uzhgorod gymnasium is changing its face

гімназія вікна та двері Нобілекс

With every passing day appearance of this prestigious educational institution in regional center of Transcarpathia is changing – here we can see impressive work with replacement of old wooden windows on new metal-plastic windows, energy saving constructions and winterizing of front of building.

“We are working according to plan. In order to improve energy saving effect, except of installation of metal-plastic windows, energy saving measure sare also held. Outside walls are winterized by 10 centimeter layer of mineral rock wool. We take into account teaching process and we work on the object in beefed up regime. “- says director of LLC “Steklolyux-Uzhgorod” TM Nobilex Vitaliy Vasilyovih Lipa

For the record, In Uzhgorod gymnasium we are installing metal-plastic windows from durable polish six-pane frame – Spectrum with energy saving glass units with width of 32mm and multifunctional glass. Besides outstanding energy saving specifications this window constructions are capable of high level of noise reduction so now outside sounds won`t disturb kids to learn.

Inside of Nobilex company specialists tell that they are planning to finish window installation activities and winterization of outside walls by the end of December.