The window structures manufacturer Nobilex: Ten successful years on the market


The Nobilex TM window structures plant created ten years ago in Transcarpathia entered the top ten largest companies in the window market in Western Ukraine and became the industry leader. Now it conquers new heights – European markets.

According to the results of 2016, this company has become one of the best in Ukraine. According to the decision of the Organizing Committee of the National Business Rating in Ukraine, General Director of TM Nobileks window structures plant Andriy Piven was awarded the Order of “Decus oeconomicae” for effective management of the enterprise-leader and personal contribution to the economy of the country.

The General Director of the enterprise Andriy Piven talks about how Nobilex managed to take leading position of the market.

– Mr. Andriy, tell us, first of all, what your business was started from?

– I and my wife started a business ten years ago, in 2007. Of course, we started from an idea. We wanted to create not just a small firm to earn money and production, but the production, which will grow year by year and will become pride of Ukraine. My family owned a land plot in Transcarpathia region, where we gradually have constructed plant for production plastic windows for the year.


– Now, the market of plastic windows is large, but buyers choose windows Nobilex. Due to what you are achieving results?

– Contrary to popular belief, it is not really so simple to choose a window. When choosing a window, you should understand the many intricacies. Our specialists help our clients to understand all these nuances. They are highly qualified professionals who know their business.

We paid much attention to the correct installation of window structures. We use high-quality installation tools for this that is guaranty of strength and durability of our windows.

And, of course, the service is extremely important. Each customer can contact their account manager who will answer any questions and give advice on care of windows.

– How did you achieve such results, because it is no secret how difficult to conduct business in Ukraine?

– Yes, I can’t but agree that business in Ukraine is a super-difficult task. During the existence of the company, we managed to survive three economic crises in the country. Now it is also difficult economic situation because of the constant currency fluctuations. However, we are not discouraged, we do not stop, and go further, we are working and developing.

– What are the results of work today?

– In recent years, we have produced hundreds of thousands of square meters of window and door structures of the highest quality, which now decorate apartments, homes, offices and administration buildings both in Ukraine and abroad.

The entire production cycle is performed using high-precision automated equipment that reduces the human factor to a minimum. In this way, we implement the most complex ideas and wishes of clients.

These results in no small measure are achieved through collaboration with world-famous brands in this field: Salamander Industrie Produkte, Siegenia, Euroglas, etc. We buy profile and accessories in Germany, glass – in Poland, aluminum – in Belarus. Of course, we purchase materials and components in Ukraine, in particular, profiles and fittings.

– We know that within ten years the company significantly expanded its network? So, where we can order Nobilex products?

– Of course, Transcarpathia remains the base region of the plant operation. We have one office in Uzhgorod, dealers in Hust, Irshava, and Vinogradov.

We proud that three of our offices operate in Lviv since enterprise foundation. By the way, in Ukraine we opened the first office outside of Transcarpathia. Here we have our own customers and gladly maintain contact with them, and increasingly expanding their number each time.

The development strategy of our company foresees further expansion in the western Ukraine and access to the European market. By the way, today we have offices operating in Slovakia and Germany.

– On the eve of the anniversary, I can not avoid questions about your future plans.

– We are constantly developing, while maintaining leading positions in the market. Today, the plant expansion is continued. By the end of the year we plan to build three production facilities. We conduct negotiations with many developers in Lviv and Ukraine as a whole conserning the supply of products.

The main issue for our plant is always a question of quality. During the time that our company is on the market, our buyer is satisfied that where the Nobilex windows – there is a quality. That is why consumers are increasingly choosing our products.

Good luck.

Source: High Castle online