We congratulate you on the Fatherland’s Defender’s Day and on the holyday of the Protecting Veil of the Holy Mother of God!


Take our sincere congratulations on the holiday which has personified the valour and heroism of all generations of our folk, of the defenders and liberators of the motherland!

The amulet of every nation is its culture and spiritual values which were transferred to us from our ancestors. The Cossacks of the Zaporizhian Sich considered the Holy Mother of God as their protector, likewise as the modern defenders of Ukraine.

So I congratulate all the defenders of the Motherland, who are guarding the independence of the country today, on this joyous holiday, and I wish the inspiration in renascence of the best national traditions, the fruit work for the benefit of the folk, for the benefit of the fame of our native Ukraine!

I am addressing special words of gratitude to the veterans. Your heroic deeds will always remain an example of patriotism, courage, and self-sacrifice. We bow down before you, expressing our gratitude and the best wishes!

And we also are addressing our cordial greetings to the military servicemen, to the reserve servicemen, to the fathers and mothers of the soldiers – we wish you good health, wellness, happiness, harmony to you and to your families.

With deep respect
Director General
of the “Steklolux-Uzhgorod” Nobilex TM
Andriy PIVEN