Siegenia Titan AF


If the Brugmann – then the Siegenia Titan AF

From now on all the Nobilex TM windows of the German system Brugmann will be completed with the Siegenia TITAN furniture in the basic burglar resistant configuration.

The well-thought out functionality. The TITAN AF furniture implements just what they expect from a modern window.
The smooth moving of handle (not more than 2.5 N•m) is provided, in combination with tight pressing, regardless of the number of closing points.
7 to 10 closing points make the structure suitable for any climatic zone, even with the most extreme conditions.

Successful energy saving solutions turned into reality, the variety of control order options.
The system allows providing serious burglar resistant protection, and it also has a large number of additional ways of airing, including the unique “winter-summer” airing with the energy-saving mechanism.

Systemic technical advantages which are ahead of time.

Soft operation of furniture and comfortable closing is provided by means of a unique roller burglar resistant pivot which is standard for all closing points, in combination with a locking plank with inserts of high-strength composite material.

Efficient deep channel with smooth passages for sealing contours in the scissors hinge, acting together with pivots, excludes the blowing-through in the area of the scissors hinge. TITAN AF has wide range of furniture control – on the pivots, in the scissors and in the lower fold hinge in the three planes. This allows simplifying significantly the installation and leveling the possible faults of window manufacture.

Our furniture allows enduring the distance between the closing points of up to 700 mm.
The TITAN Silber (titanium N silver) coating provides for the TITAN AF furniture the highest resistance to corrosion (class 4) according to DIN EN 1670-2007, which was confirmed with the certificate of the ift Rosenheim Institute, received under the newest testing program QM 238.

The new solution in the sphere of locking plates is a unique structure based on combination of high-strength steel and wear-resistant composite material.