Public purchases – from now on through ProZorro!


The ”Steklolux-Uzhgorod” LLC “Nobilex” TM will also sell products through the ProZorro network.

On August 3, a scheduled training took place at the Transcarpathian regional state administration, this time called “ProZorro – the system of public purchases”. The workers of “Nobilex” became active participants of the event. The regional agent of ProZorro in the Transcarpathian region prepared a number of presentations, reports and explanations for the people present concerning the essence of work of the system.

So from now on the ”Steklolux-Uzhgorod” LLC “Nobilex” TM, having considered all the advantages of the innovation, will take an active part in the tenders (biddings) concerning public state purchases.

“Nobilex” – we work TRANSPARENTLY (PROZORO, Ukr.)!


Until quite recently, there was a normative legal and institutional base operated in Ukraine which regulated the “paper” procedures of state purchases.

However, as the practice evidences, the formal compliance of the Ukrainian legislation did not guarantee transparent, efficient and just procedures of purchases, nor did it contribute to solving the most important problem in the sphere of state purchases – elimination of the system corruption.

As the experience of other countries shows, the introduction of the electronic system of state purchases gives 10-20% of economy in the very first year due to improving the procedures. In case with Ukraine, this factor may increase significantly due to elimination of corruption. Since the budget of state purchases of Ukraine is about 250 milliards UAH yearly, we can make a conclusion each day from the moment of introduction of the reform economizes at least 55 million UAH for Ukraine!


1. Elimination and systematic prevention of corruption
2. Transparence of state purchases
3. Inadmissibility of discrimination and objective estimation of bid applications
4. Simplicity and easiness of procedure application
5. Switching to electronic document flow
6. Full accountability and analysis of all state purchases


The reform of state purchases is not limited with introduction of the electronic bidding system. The key directions to be fulfilled within the reform are the following:
1. On-line purchasing system
2. Public monitoring of the bidding and assessment of risks
3. Electronic appeals system
4. Simplification of access of business to participation in state purchases
5. Proactive system of explanations
6. Central purchasing organizations
7. Joining of Ukraine to the WTO GPA


1. Implementation of the reform through the state and private partnership
2. Maximal involvement of all stake-holders in the reform
3. Openness in taking all necessary decisions
4. Crowd-sourcing and crowd-funding, wide involvement of the public
5. Open code of the program product, standard data exchange protocols
6. Implementation of the reform on the “simple-to-complex” principle


1. Creation of central modules of the system was financed on account of electronic trade platforms
2. The cost of the system development as it is now was 35 thousand dollars
3. About 150 thousand dollars are needed for creation of fully functional software able to support all state purchases in electronic mode.
4. Expenses on the hardware are now difficult to foresee, for the configuration of the system hosting after transfer to the state is unknown, and the state’s resources already available were not assessed.
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