Lift and sliding doors – the novelty from the Nobilex TM


HTS, PS, PSK, FS – lift and sliding door systems for structures with large glazing area

The HTS system is lift and glazing systems for panoramic glazing of any rooms, it will match perfectly the exit to the balcony, to the terrace, to the open ground of a café or a restaurant.

The door is operated based on the innovational lift and slide opening system which easily lifts the fold on special moving rollers. Due to that, no effort is required to move the door.
The system allows making very big glazing structures which render a panoramic view to the interior.

Main advantages of the HST sliding doors

  • Maximal prestige and panoramic view
  • Convenient opening
  • Flush with the floor installation
  • Maximal dimensions

PS system sliding door is the parallel-slide furniture with double forced operation.
Easy turning of the handle to 90 degrees provides practically independent opening of the fold.

The technical solution is application of new furniture with double forced operation.
The labour-consuming process of the fold opening, of rejecting and closing is simplified by means of it.

The solution of the carriage and the scissors move the fold synchronically relative to the frame. This is a unique solution at the market.

Main advantages of PS sliding doors

  • Reliability and safety due to application of the mushroom-like pivots
  • Maximal dimensions
  • Easy in operation of opening

The PSK lift and slide doors render a cozy and light-filled atmosphere to any room.
Regardless of the installation place of this door system, on a balcony, veranda, or terrace – with one wave of hand you can set a complete protection between the outside world and your cozy dwelling, and with that, without annoying threshold elements in the passage zone which often lead to stumbling.

Large-sized steel reinforcements provide the maximal stability and continuous service life. The statically balanced structure especially easy moving of the folds and guarantees reliable continuous operation with excellent thermal and acoustic insulation features.

Main advantages of PSK lift and slide doors

  • Easy in operation of opening
  • Reliability and safety due to application of the mushroom-like pivots
  • Affordable price offer
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    The “accordion” sliding doors are used almost everywhere – office centers with the “open space” conception, winter gardens, city flats, private residences, restaurants, cafés, hotels, health and recreational centers, gymnasiums, swimming pools, saunas – they take quite a different appearance with the sliding doors installed.

    When approaching an “accordion” door, you will feel as the verge between the outside and the inside space is fading, all the visible and invisible barriers are disappearing.
    Warm “accordions” have been enjoying for a long time the deserved popularity in Europe, and recently they have begun winning the recognition of Ukrainian consumers. Elegant design for a sitting room and a bedroom, harmonic decoration for a dining room – that is all sliding systems.

    Sliding doors are easy in operation, long-lived, and they require minimal care, they are resistant to weather conditions. They comply with high esthetic and energy saving requirements, which is important for manifold climate in Ukraine.

    “Accordion”-type complex structures give wide possibilities in application both in winter gardens, and terraces. They give a possibility to open an open space. The folds are easily collected to one side and give up to 6 meters space.


    Main advantages of FS “Accordion” sliding doors

    • Possibility to open the slots without partitions up to 6 m
    • Simple and easy opening

    The lift and slide door systems are an original technical and design solution with excellent thermal and acoustic insulation!