Aluminum structures will help to turn into reality the most daring design solutions


The lightness of glass and strength of metal: aluminum structures are a modern instrument of construction, says the Commercial Director of the “Steklolux-Uzhgorod” LLC Nobilex TM, Kuchkovsky Pavlo Volodymyrovych.

The construction branch does not stand on the same place. The specialist work every day on how to make the room and the facilities more spacious, lighter and more unique.


As of today, the most efficient solution in this matter is installation of aluminum structures.

The range of their possibilities allow turning into reality the most daring engineering and design solutions, and the lightness, strength and universality of materials make it possible to use them practically in any branch.

Advantages of aluminum structures

  • the lightness of glass and strength of metal combine harmonically the industrial architecture with the environment, they extend the space and add more light in it;
  • the universality of structures makes it possible to fix them to any format and style of the building or a premise (by the way, the windows and doors made of aluminum can be painted in any colour or laminated in imitation of wood);
  • good protection features such as air impermeability, waterproofing and wind tightness, and also thermal and acoustic insulation;
  • reliability of structures connected with long life service, easy operation; safety, ecological performance and incombustibility of materials.

The application spheres of aluminum structures

Construction of unique country houses, cottages, or winter gardens using the aluminum Facade s has been a common practice in Europe for a long time. These tendencies have become more popular also in Ukraine in recent times.

Besides that, the aluminum structures have been widely used in administration and public buildings and premises (shops, hypermarkets, business centers, companies’ offices, trade pavilions and markets, petrol filling stations, airports and railway stations, bus stations and others).

It can be both solid-web structures and facilities, and partitions or shop windows which by all means will add functional possibilities and esthetic attractiveness to the rooms.

How to choose an aluminum profile


The Nobilex TM plant offers its clients an etalon series of aluminum structures for modern buildings of aluminum from the Alutech Company:

  • The ALT C43 aluminum shape system is intended for architectural inside and outside building which does not require thermal insulation;
  • The ALT C48 system allows manufacturing the structures of windows, outside and inside doors, sliding automatic doors, entrance groups, vestibules, shop windows and inside partitions.
  • The ALT W62 system is intended for manufacturing the window, door and stained-glass structures of different configuration and complexity which shall comply with increased thermal technical and acoustic insulation requirements;
  • The ALT W72 system is widely used for manufacture of complex and combined window and door and stained-glass structures. The new technologies and materials and modern methods of designing allow manufacturing the structures of the highest complexity.
  • The ALT F50 system is used for manufacture of light aluminum stained-glass windows of hinged and filling type. The manufacture both of windows and doors together is possible: turn, transom, turn-transom, automatic, built in the Facade. The Alutech ALT F50 profile is widely used for manufacture of complex stained-glass structures. Due to little weight, the structures of this shape can be installed in any type of buildings.
  • ALT 110 is the system of office partitions intended for organization of workspace and forming of different functional rooms with the purpose of creation of comfortable conditions for work. The system allows creating refined interiors in the halls, meeting rooms, private offices, dividing the halls in the trade centers.
  • The system of interior partitions ALT111 is intended for organization of workspace in the trade halls, exhibition centers, office room, and it opens wide possibilities for creation of the interiors of any purpose.
  • ALT115 is the system of clamping shapes and components for fixation of heat-strengthened glass of the glass partitions to the ceiling and the floor. The ALT115 structures allow creating a unitary appearance of workspace, using more efficiently the natural illumination, and also enlarging the rooms visually.

At our Company you can also order products of aluminum shape of the Reynaers Aluminium Company.

The Reynaers Aluminium is a leading European company which specializes in development of modern and reliable solutions of aluminum for windows, doors, sliding doors, Facade s, verandas, greenhouses and sun-protection systems.

Besides the wide assortment of standard solutions, the Reynaers Aluminium also develops individual solutions for all sectors of the market – from dwelling facilities to commercial and industrial institutions. All the high-quality systems comply with the highest requirements regarding comfort, safety, architectural design and energy saving.
Founded in 1965, at present the Reynaers provides with work over 1600 workers in 37 countries of the world and performs export to over 70 countries on 5 continents.

For that very reason, the Nobilex TM decided in favour of the companies Reynaers Aluminium and Alutech. You can get detailed consultation in the network of the Nobilex TM offices and on the website in the “Aluminum windows” section.

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