A Transcarpathian enterprise got prestigious business rewards in Kiev (PHOTO, VIDEO)


A spectacular ceremony of rewarding the leaders of economy of Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia and Azerbaijan according to results of the Business Rating took place in Kiev last week. Show-business stars, well-known personalities and, of course, successful entrepreneurs, the winners of the competition which is held in Ukraine for the 12th time, gathered in the hall. The leaders were given prestigious rewards of the National Business Rating union, and a zest of the feast was the fabulous program after motives of the hits of the legendary music group “Queen”, which were performed by Ukrainian stars: Zlata Ognevich, Aida Mykolaichuk, the “Anna-Maria” duet, Olga Karpchuk and other.

The Transcarpathian enterprise, the “Steklolux-Uzhgorod” LLC Nobilex TM once again came into the top of the national rating this year.

“This is the result of daily, yearly and conscientious work of dozens of people, to whom I would like to thank, having this opportunity! This year, the “Steklolux-Uzhgorod” LLC once again has taken the honorable place of the “Branch leader”. A propos I would say that the rewarding according to results of the National Business Rating was organized at the very high level. Such events are a nice “meeting place” for business people, and they are an undoubted motivation for new achievements”, – Andriy Piven, the Director General of the enterprise says.

By the way, the rating was made by the independent expert organization and it includes a comprehensive economic analysis of enterprises. It helps to form an integrate picture of their competitive ability. The companies use the data of the rating to get an objective, honest and independent assessment of their current financial and economic state and of business reputation.

An enterprise can be recognized as the leader of the branch only in case the complex results allow it entering the top of the national rating. A summary table with ranging results is made every year for the companies which were selected as the most successful. Each winner of the rating takes the corresponding level (gold, silver, bronze) and the place (from 1 to 50), depending on the rates of key indicators. The “Steklolux-Uzhgorod” LLC Nobilex TM got prestigious rewards of the National Business Rating union – “Leader of the branch” and “Employee of the year”.

Rating ranging of enterprises is all-national, independent and free of charge. Enterprises do not need to send an application for participation or pay to be included in the rating program.