The way to quality


Analysis of technological possibilities

Technological progress gives us, as manufacturers of metal-plastic structures of PVC and aluminum, the increase of possibilities.

To satisfy clients’ increasing expectations, the Nobilex keeps up constantly with technical novelties and changes the offer while including those solutions which to the best correspond with users’ needs.

At the Nobilex window construction plant, a team of high-skilled and experienced engineers is responsible for development of the offer.

Selecting the best components

All products of the Nobilex Company are made of the components supplied by manufacturers acknowledged at the markets throughout the world.

High profiles of PVC and aluminum with optimal physical and mechanical properties which are used in construction both in Ukraine and in Europe, guarantee the reliability and long service life of the products.

The furniture and glass of the well-known suppliers provide maximal energy saving, safety and functionality of the products.


Innovational production

Manufacture of windows and door structures is performed in the process of using the innovational technological park equipped with modern saws and welding machines for PVS profiles and aluminum, with milling machine-tools, the lines for bending arches of different configurations and the line for the profile lamination.

Correct execution of orders provided with electronic document flow, and the program of optimization of materials cutting allow significant reducing of the waste percentage of the materials used, and allow automating the manufacture of window and door structures.

The Nobilex technological park consists of:

  • The line for lamination profile
  • The PVC structures line
  • The line for bending arches of different configurations
  • The line of aluminum structures

Observance of strict norms and standards

For sake of the highest production standards, the Nobilex windows and doors are subject to procedures of assessment, control and certification.

This leads to obtaining of corresponding certificates, awards and declarations which give the right to use the marks which confirm the quality of products.


Highly-skilled workers

The production process is managed and controlled by highly-skilled specialists with many years’ working experience.

Regular training and testing provide the high level of competence required for construction of complex windows, modern doors with large glazing area and other advanced solutions.

Quality control

An important link in the production process of the plant is the quality control of Nobilex.

Both materials and components and the ready products provided for the clients are subject to thorough examination. Each production line has its own specialists-controllers of the work. Additional inspection may patrol occasionally, to check the production process at all the lines.


The motor vehicle fleet

Windows and doors are delicate products which require proper attitude during transportation.

The own vehicles fleet allows keeping the loading, transportation and unloading of products under full control.

This guarantees that the windows and doors get to the clients in fine condition. Another advantage of the own motor vehicle fleet is stable terms of delivery of orders for the clients at the time suitable for them.

Professional exhibition halls (salons)

The last step on the way to quality of the Nobilex is demonstration halls located in the salons and offices of the Nobilex window construction plant.

Only experts’ advice and correct assessment of the construction situation guarantee that the PVC and aluminum products will perform their functions and correspond to the clients’ expectations

The partners of the Nobilex are professionals who have knowledge and experience required for satisfaction of all requirements of the modern architecture.


How to recognize the Nobilex product

The original Nobilex product can be purchased exceptionally at the authorized sales outlets.

After the installation of the Nobilex metal-plastic structures has been carried out, you should by all means get a passport and a warranty certificate.